Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Take a left and keep going (and going, and going.......)

God am I sick of the far left's screed. Many of the blogs I've found lately have been full of pure hatred for our president. Between the war for oil charges, to Bush lied, to the stupid non-starter of his Guard service it's enough to make me sick. I've tried to make rational responses, but usually all I'm met with is personal attacks and leftover campaign rehtoric. I have no problem with anyone who has genuine misgivings about the country and our president, but those who refuse to listen to fact, or opinions contrary to their own are giving the left a very damaging reputation. To be fair, some leftists believe what they are spewing but are open to actual debate. God love 'em, that's all I ask. With the truth and some positive stories "leaking" out of Iraq by bypassing the traditional media, I believe we can start to bring rational people to back the efforts of our troops and our government. I don't give a rats ass about what the rest of the world thinks about us, but it pains me to have the homefront divided. We will have a hard enough time fighting the terrorists in the years to come without having to fight our own brothers and sisters at the same time. Please, let us all drop the hate and party affiliations and have the long-needed frank debate this country desperately needs. Anyone with me?


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