Monday, January 31, 2005

Well, the elections went off in Iraq without a real hitch and everyone still thinks W is an idiot. I really can't get my head around the fact that a whole party of our government is so consumed with partisan politics that they continue to crucify our president for making real differences in the world. I don't care about the reasons for those changes, they've been beaten to death and I no longer have the will to repeat why I believe we were right to do what we did. It's done. It's literally history. But I believe that we will see life-altering change in the middle east in the next 4 years, and it will be because of George W. Bush. The really sad part, for Democrats, is that Bill Clinton could have been the catalyst for all this change if he wasn't stuck at his desk getting "Monica's". Use the link to Instapundit to see what I mean. Glenn has an article there about the policies Clinton enacted regarding Iraq, but, as usual, never followed through on.
John Kerry was on the tube this weekend talking about how he won the election before he lost the election. What a waste of flesh. I can't stand "career" politicians, no matter what letter is by their name. The term pretty much confirms they are there only to make sure they themselves get rich. At least W was a buisnessman, although there are dubious distinctions in his records, I understand, but he proved he can lead in Texas government and then jumped into the big seat. He'll be out after 2008 and will probably be a prominent figure in our country's history.
Well, my pontificating is at an end for tonight. Stay safe and pray to your God(s) for the Iraqi people.


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